The Music Of Greg Dember

Greg Dember Bio

Arriving in Seattle in the Nineties as an improvising technical piano player, Greg Dember was inevitably influenced by both the rainy-day moodiness and the sunny-sky pop-melodicism of his new home's music scene.

A couple decades into the new millennium, we find Greg thriving creatively as a singer and songwriter, with a style that reminds listeners of artists such as Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service, Ben Folds Five, The Flaming Lips, Wilco and The Shins, but also with hints of classic Paul Simon and The Kinks, as well as the earnest quirk of Jonathan Richman.

Along the way, Greg's song "Hey Hey It's The Vegetable Man" was covered by East Coast nerd rockers The Happiest Guys In The World, and made it midway up the College Radio charts in 1996.

"Salesman", a song Greg wrote and sang in circus-rock band Rumpus, was featured over the opening credits/montage of Hollywood Indie film "Outside Sales" (Blayne Weaver, Tricia O'Kelley, 2005), which won awards in several festivals.

In between, Greg co-fronted and recorded an album with Lavish Cat (Your Dream, self-released 2000) and fronted CHIEFLY (Planets of Plenty, self-released 2005), both of which received local Seattle airplay.

After CHIEFLY dissolved, as bands are wont to do, Greg, recording and performing under his own name, released three full-length records I Don't Know I Think I Fell From The Sky (2008), and Water Makes Waves (2012), and Ten Thousand Things (also 2012). In 2014 Greg put out an EP of his arrangements of compositions from Beck Hansen's experimental Song Reader project. The Song Reader is a book of sheet music for songs that Beck did not record himself, with a call to musicians to create their own interpretaitons.

2019 saw Greg's return to releasing recorded music, with a new batch of songs forming the album North of the Night Street. A band that was gathered together to celebrate the new music with a live performance has become an ongoing concern and obtained a moniker, Greg Dember and the Reckless Few. Core members, in addition to Greg are: Anne Marie Ruljancich (viola), Terri Pierson (drums), Greg Schlimm (bass).

All of Greg's records feature a sound lush with melodic strings, horns and occasional electronic instruments, built on top of solid guitar/piano/drums/bass arrangements, as well as several more spare acoustic-guitar or piano-based songs.

The composition, performance and production on all of these tracks reveal Greg's passion and wit in a way that is both very personal and universal at the same time.

Greg also plays electric piano in Rainy Days and Mondays, Seattle's funnest Carpenters cover band, and has collaborated as an instrumentalist with other great local songwriters, such as Rusty Willoughby and Mike Dumovich. In addition to playing music, Greg writes about metamodernism and other topics.